Diversity Domain 1: The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion*

Module 1: The Evolution of Diversity and Inclusion

Module 2: Trends Driving the Business Case for D&I

Module 3: The Multigenerational Workforce

Module 4: Video and Discussion


Diversity Domain 2: Cultural Competence*

Module 1: Culture and Elements of Culture

Module 2: Unconscious Bias, Impact, and Approaches for Reducing it

Module 3: Micro-Inequities in the Workplace

Module 4: Cultural Competence: A 21st Century Competitive Advantage


Diversity Domain 3: Measurement and Accountability*

Module 1: The Why, What, and How of D&I Measurement

Module 2: Accountability for Success of D&I Efforts

Module 3: Case Studies


Diversity Domain 4: Inclusive Leadership

Module 1: Inclusive Leadership, Traits, and Behaviors

Module 2: Strategic Diversity Leadership

Module 3: DiversityFIRST™ Leadership Series


Diversity Domain 5: Best Practices in Diversity and Inclusion*


*Additional content may be added.