Raphael Parra

Raphael ParraRaphael Parra joined the National Diversity Council in June 2016, supporting the Orlando and South Florida Diversity Councils within the Florida Diversity Council. He is responsible for coordinating and organizing the execution of diversity workshops, leadership conferences, diversity summits, meetings and events. In addition, he assists in leading the training and development efforts of the National Diversity Council.

Raphael is passionate about education and creating a better learning environment by bringing people together to create a more knowledgeable and productive workplace. His strengths are in coordinating and organizing people by using theory and past experiences to build connections. His goal is to one day be a leader and innovator within the educational world.

Combining his experiences in education, non-profit organizations and project management, he has been responsible for project managing multi-million dollar projects, control over budget and scheduling, academic advising, business development, recruitment, sales, engagement for individuals with learning and physical disabilities, training and development, diversity and inclusion consulting, reviewing and implementing training standards. He has also done an independent study on accreditation while keeping track of all of activities using a blog site. He has a bachelor degree in English with a minor in Environmental Design from SUNY Buffalo and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida. While he has been involved in many varied fields he feels that learning and development have led to his success within each facet of his life. It has always been his goal to ensure that as an employee he is able to follow the company’s mission and vision and use this to help others to understand that mission while performing their daily roles.

Raphael was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and temporarily lived in Buffalo, New York while obtaining his bachelors degree. Raphael relocated to Orlando, Florida in the Summer of 2014 and has remained a permanent residence ever since. Raphael is a proud Dominican-American whose family background are strongly rooted within the island of Hispaniola.